How we do?

How we do?

Therefore, we have organize the following types of objectives to help Mukti Dham and people of poverty: –
If there is no Muktidham in the village or city or near from the villages, then to make this facility available for them to get Muktidham unless.
To organize the way from Muktidham and to make the system for getting pure water and the drain for construction of water tank and water.
If there are no char diwari in Muktidham at there our organisation construct of char diwari, planting of tree-saplings, and erection of tent sheds.

Construction of the latest Muktidham in some such villages and cities, Where there is no discrimination in any religion and caste and there is no restriction and

inconvenience for the coming personalities.Our organisation mukti dham has started a tribute scheme to provide financial assistance to such a family after the death of

a poor family person living in rural areas. Immediate assistance will be provided under this scheme.
Construction of dry wood store in Muktidham used at placed on the dead body at the time of funeral and arrangement for people to sit in the shade by mukti dham.

To get all mukti dham surveyed once and build or provide necessary facilities as per report.

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