About Us

About Us

NGOs in India are working in National level social network of Non governmental organizations,it is also known as non profit organizations(NPO) and voluntary organisation and social organisation are working for sharing and circulation of available information or data resources. The supporters and beneficiary organisations for donation are donates and social activists of NGOs in INDIA are collect information who needs help. NGOs in India are supports who need supports and for social welfare in other hand social developers develop committees for information who donate and needed or any other purpose.

Today there are many types of NGOs all over India but there are no NGOs related to Mukti Dham Seva Samiti and we do not take this NGO to the world without your help. And this is an organization that is not in the whole of India.

We have researched quite a lot that in every religion, in every class, in every caste there are many people who do not run their life well, and in that bad time when a member dies prematurely Or if an incident happens, they are not able to face it and they can not bear the expenses that are incurred in that event.At that time, there is no one help to those people, while at that time those people are more worried that how to do their antim Kriya Karam.We help those who cannot face that bad time.

In view of all this, we have created an organisation that is  MUKTI DHAM SEVA SAMITI Which is to run it smoothly throughout the hole India and its benefits should reach as many people as possible.

It is true that no matter how much we earn, in the end we all have to leave everything for one day. Therefore, we should give some percentage of our income in such works which can be useful for humanity.Some great person has said that we came empty handed only to go empty handed, do something that would be useful for anyone.

Life and death is a thread,the same line is seen from different sides.Death is not the biggest loss in the world. The biggest loss is the one who dies while our inside.We are one for the life and death, just as the river and the sea are one.Some people die at the age of 25 and are not buried until 75.

Therefore, we have organize the following types of objectives to help Mukti Dham Seva Samiti and people of poverty: -

If there is no Mukti Dham Seva Samiti in the village or city or near from the villages, then to make this facility available for them to get Mukti Dham Seva Samiti unless.

To organize the way from Mukti Dham Seva Samiti and to make the system for getting pure water and the drain for construction of water tank and water.

If there are no char diwari in Mukti Dham Seva Samiti at there our organisation construct of char diwari, planting of tree-saplings, and erection of tent sheds.

Construction of the latest Muktidham in some such villages and cities, Where there is no discrimination in any religion and caste and there is no restriction and inconvenience for the coming personalities.Our organisation mukti dham has started a tribute scheme to provide financial assistance to such a family after the death of a poor family person living in rural areas. Immediate assistance will be provided under this scheme.

Construction of dry wood store in Muktidham used at placed on the dead body at the time of funeral and arrangement for people to sit in the shade by mukti dham.

To get all mukti dham surveyed once and build or provide necessary facilities as per report.

The objectives of Muktidham Seva Samiti are as follows -

1. If there is no Mukti Dham in any city or village or it is far away from the village, then to make Mukti Dham Seva Samiti for them and provide this facility at a short distance.

2. To streamline the road leading to Mukti Dham Seva Samiti and to construct a drain for the clean water system and drainage of waste water.

3. In the Muktidham which does not have boundary wall, construction of boundary wall and planting of tree plants and Teen shed.

4. Construction of the latest freedom camps in some villages and cities where there is no discrimination in any religion and caste and there is no restriction or inconvenience for the people visiting there.

5. Assistance / facility to be provided by our NGO to the needy families below poverty line and below that cannot afford funeral expenses.

6. Construction of a happy wood store in Muktidham and making / arranging the seating of the people who come to the ceremony.

7. To get all Muktidham survey done once and build or provide necessary facilities as per the report.

8. Postponement of posthumous bodies for the Muslim community.

9. Providing / providing posthumous funeral and travel goods such as coffin and stone for the Muslim community.

10. To arrange / get solar lights installed on the way to Muktidham and Muktidham.

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